Stuff about  our Houston County

· Less than 8,000 folks live here

· There are only 5 places to buy gas (nearest 15 miles)

· Just one grocery store (22 miles)

· County seat and largest town (1700 folks) - Erin

· Second largest impact crater in the US

· The only County in Tennessee with a car ferry across the Tennessee River and no bridge

· Rich Civil War history Fort Donelson just up the road

· Largest national park east of the Mississippi River, Land Between the Lakes (15 miles)

· Lots of forest and lake for that great outdoor get away

· Paris Landing 18 hole golf course (20 miles)

If you come here to shop, you will be in the wrong place (except antiques).  If you want nature, outdoor fun, solitude, and privacy, this is it!

You need to bring all your food and toiletries. There are two places nearby to buy soft drinks, beer, and ice.

There is a very good, inexpensive restaurant about 3 miles.

Ride across the lake on the ATVs, car, bicycle or on foot.  Just $1.00 all day!

 to ride all day!

More trails on the other side

70 year old barge loading building that sat on the old bank of the Tennessee River before the creation of Kentucky Lake